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If you are a teacher just sign up or if you are a student invite your mentor, teacher or parents in a live and interactive online classroom who can help you in your studies. No training needed, very easy to use, you can start with the latest (desktop or mobile) version of google chrome with a min. 512kbps of uploading and downloading speed. Only mentor needs to be signed up, student can join the meeting with a short link shared by a mentor.


Inside: Learning Management System

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It’s basically designed for group meetings and advance users who have basic knowledge of computer. The educators working in different educational environments such as home tutor, private tutors, writer, author, publishers, coaching centers, school, universities can organise their educational pattern by 25 modules. Only one module “Videoconference” for live group meetings is paid (One on One is free) & the rest of modules are free to use.

Note: Select the appropriate profile (Trainer / Student) by filling the sign up form in "LMS + Group Meetings"